Advantages of university life

Many people describe their university days as the best days of their life. University is a chance to meet a large variety of people from different cultures and backgrounds, make new friendships and relationships, broaden your horizons, take part in a number of activities, take on new responsibilities and gain knowledge and insight into a host of different subjects.

Daily routine

Most students will have lectures each day of the week although most will have a large amount of free time over the course of the week. Medicine and dentistry courses are much more intensive and you may be required to be at university all day during weekdays. Lectures usually begin at 9am and finish at 5pm; some universities run lectures in the evening but you will not usually have these if you have had a large number of lectures during the day. Many students take part in activities and sports during their free time while many others have part-time jobs; free time is also a great opportunity to pursue hobbies and interests and spend time with friends.


Students are renowned for their ability to party hard and most university towns and cities have several bars and clubs that host student nights on most nights of the week. Student nights can be a bit of a cliché but you will be able to meet up with friends and the drinks and admission charges are generally a lot lower than usual. Nowadays, most cities have a wide range of club nights which cover a variety of different genres of music. There are also several theme nights, bar crawls and special events geared towards students. Many universities also organise parties and gigs for their students to enjoy; often the bands are well-known and the tickets are much cheaper than at concerts they would usually play. Belfast is a fast-paced and thriving environment for students and you will not be disappointed by the activities, nightlife and events on offer here.

Societies, teams and clubs

Most universities have a large array of societies and clubs, which cover a variety of different hobbies and interests; these are a great way to meet new people and get involved in university life. Sports team are also another way to get involved; Belfast boasts a number of sports clubs and teams so make sure you get involved. There are teams who just play for fun as well as those who compete seriously.

Belfast for students

Belfast is a modern and vibrant city with plenty to offer students; there is a lively selection of nightspots as well as a large variety of restaurants, bars, cafes, leisure facilities and entertainment venues. The city regularly hosts concerts and cultural and sporting events. There is a vast array of shops for those who like to indulge in a spot of retail therapy.