The Life of a Dental Student

Dentistry is undoubtedly one of the most demanding degree courses on offer. The course usually lasts 5 years and is extremely intensive. Unlike some courses which rely on self-study and are less intensive, dental students will be expected to commit considerable time and effort to their studies and will be assessed on a regular basis.

A typical day may involve several hours of lectures in a wide range of subjects related to dental health; these may include health and behavioural sciences as well as traditional dental health; students may also spend time in a healthcare setting or have practical sessions in a laboratory. Students will be expected to complete a number of written and practical assessments throughout the course of the degree programme and will also have to take part in placement schemes where they will learn practical skills in a clinical setting.

The successful completion of the degree course is dependent on a number of factors including passing placements and final written and practical examinations. Once the course has been completed, students are usually expected to carry out a period of vocational training which may last 1 or 2 years; following this they may choose to pursue a career in general dentistry or study further to attain a qualification in a particular speciality.

Dentistry is a long-term commitment and shouldn’t be entered into lightly; it is not like many of the courses on offer at university where students have copious amounts of free time.

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